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We present to you attention "Bulgara Trade 17" Ltd - a company, located on the territory of the town of Burgas, which focuses its activity on the area of loading and unloading facilities, ship's tackle, hoisting and fixing quality products of steel ropes, polypropylene ropes, chains, slings, polyester slings and others. We offer a pressing/crimp in steel wire rope slings, hydraulic-column press with press coverage of steel ropes with a diameter from Ф 6 mm up to Ф 60 mm. For our customers we offer a pressing in slings with tapered bushings, which smoothes the sling, clears articles of edges preventing snagging and tearing of the bushings.

This new for Bulgaria method completely replaces the manual labor in the tangled slings.The products are tested on a hydraulic testing stand to 150 tons strenght. Stand is designed by special order for the needs of "Bulgara Trade 17" LTD. It has digital - computer printout for the needs of the product.

Our products are accompanied by all the necessary documents required by ordinance for "Safe Operation and Technical Supervision of lifting gear" with effect from 18.10.2010, adopted by CM Decree No. 199/10.09.2010 published in the Gazette(State Journal), issue 73/17.09.2010

  • Certificate of quality of a manifacturer, issued on the basis of tests of another products.
  • Declaration of Conformity
  • Instructions for exploitation
  • Copy of protocol for test /when necessary/






We offer absolutely free consultation by our specialists in the field of the loading and unloading, lifting and stabilization equipment.

The company management is fully aware of the need for qualified personnel in the sphere of the loading and unloading, lifting and stabilization equipment.
We do know that you trust your personnel's life to us.

Your CHOICE today saves human life tomorrow